An Ode to Creative Work by Behance from Behance on Vimeo.

Narration : 

Behind every great advancement, in every industry, there is a creative mind.
Creativity may come easy, but creation is hard.
The late nights spent trying, and failing, and trying again.

All the while, holding onto our vision.
Pushing what we see in our mind’s eye into the world.

But our brilliance is being held captive by forces around us and within us.

Middle men who play us down while marking us up.
Not giving us credit. Getting us to work for free.

And worse, we get in the way of our own success.
We rely on chance encounters. We’re disorganized and isolated, liable to go unnoticed.

We can do better.

When creative minds come together, the sum exceeds all expectations.
We connect, we learn, we critique, and we prosper.

It’s not about money or fame, it’s about doing what we love.

It’s about creating our greatest work on our own terms.
It’s about realizing that creativity is not just an opportunity – it’s a responsibility.

Here’s to unleashing our full potential.
For us, and for the world that awaits what we will do next; Take creative control.

아침에 behance에서 온 메일 한통에 담겨진 영상물 하나에 울컥했다.
Take creative control. 이라니.
꼭 디자이너가 아니더라도 이 얼마나 감동적인 말인지.
그리고 그것이 돈이나 명예의 것이 아니라 단지 우리가 사랑하는 일을 하고 있다는 사실.
creativity라는 게, 기회의 것이 아니라 책임감이라는 말.

Hers’s to unleashing our full potential!

아, 감동적인 영상이다.
우리에겐 이런 영감이 필요한 것이다.

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